Saturday, July 14, 2012

Then vs. Now

Since we've been in our house for five years now (has it really been that long??), we thought we'd share a few photos of our work in progress. And it really always is a work in progress, isn't it?

When you open the front door, this is what you saw in 2007:

This is what you see now when you step into our home:

Still to come: We'll probably swap out the artwork for something new. We need something on the foyer wall to your left. The main light you can see in the top left corner of the photo needs to be replaced, and we'd like to eventually have accent lighting on both art niches.

This was the secondary bathroom in our house in 2007:

 This is the secondary bathroom now:

It's hard to tell from that photo, but we replaced the ugly floor tile with 12x12 cream marble tile. The shower surround was updated with white subway tile, beige grout, and honey onyx accent tile.

Still to come: We need to replace the counter top, sink and faucet.

From the hallway, looking toward the formal dining room in 2007:

More or less the same position today:

I designed a five-foot tall half-wall with shelves and storage cubbies, ending in a column, and Mike built it himself! What was the formal dining room is now a playroom for the children, but it's not finished yet, so you'll have to wait to see photos for now. We'll do a post soon with the whole process of building the half-wall!

This is what we termed the breakfast room in 2007:

It's now our main dining room now. This photo was taken from the living room, looking back at the dining room and the hallway. Excuse the dog bed and food dishes - Dexter and Zelda are part of the package.

This was the main living area when we first purchased the house in 2007:

You can see the bar for the kitchen on the far right of that photo. I was standing in the breakfast room when I took this picture. It's basically one big open space, which was something we both wanted.

This is the living area today:

Still to come: We need a rug and a coffee table. I'm picturing a faded oriental rug in shades of blues, creams and greens, but I'm not sure how that would hold up with the kids. As for the coffee table, I love the idea of something glass and metal and square, but again, I'm not sure how practical that is with Meredith and Alex. We've also discussed replacing the back door with a full glass door. 

This was the small nook off the living room in 2007 with an awkward art niche:

We replaced the art niche with a great - and practical - built-in bookcase and wall sconce.

This was the kitchen, taken from the living room in 2007:

This is the kitchen today (and a little bit of Dexter down at the bottom):

We've replaced all of the appliances with very nice stainless steel (including my beloved gas range with double oven).

Still to come: New lighting, refaced cabinets, new counters, and an actual tile backsplash.

We still have SO much we want to do to this house, but it's come a long way in five years!


Anonymous said...

Wow, everything looks great! What paint color did you use in your entry?

Mike and McGee said...

The paint in the foyer, hall, living room and dining room is all Almond Paste by Olympic, purchased at Lowe's. It's a great neutral!

Holly said...

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Holly said...

Your house looks great! We are in the process of updating our house and starting a kitchen renovation. You can check it out at

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